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“Help stop the spread of coronavirus & other bacteria viruses”

At MaidBrigadeUK we are fully equipped & trained to carry out your Coronavirus cleaning.

We use approved COVID disinfecting product which kills 99.99999% bacteria and use our fogging machines to ensure each area of your home or business is covered.

Why choose us as your COVID-19 clean provider

  • Experts in covid-19 deep cleans
  • ULV fogging systems
  • Workplace antiviral sanitisation
  • Care home cleaning
  • Retail
  • School cleaning
  • Return to work cleaning

Cross contamination can be spread easily & rapidly within the work environment, please do not take any risks, and let our trained professional look after your environment.

How to book

It is simple to book your covid-19 cleaning requirement

1. Contact the team to discuss your requirements

2. No obligation quote will be provided (each quote is tailored to the job)

3. Select a day/time which suits you

4. Enjoy your clean environment