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Welcome to Maid Brigade UK and Thank you for choosing us!

We know there’s a lot of choice out there and must be difficult to choose the services that suits you best. Thanks for choosing us! We are incredibly grateful that you have chosen us. We promise to do our best to make sure our service is all you expect and more.

Maid Brigade UK has over 25 years’ experience within the commercial & domestic cleaning industry.

The business we are in is more than cleaning and our services is also about people. Our cleaners are local to you and they are the face of our business.

Environment is also especially important to us, that’s why we are only using non-harmful friendly products which are still tough enough to finish the job. We also come fully equipped so you don’t need to stress at all.

How we work

At MaidBrigadeUK, we pride ourselves at the best at we do, that’s why all of our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction.

If it is a regular clean, we can arrange for the cleaner to come and meet you before we start our services to ensure that we are matching you with the right cleaner.

After the meeting we will check that you’re happy with everything and when can we start. If you are not happy with the cleaner we’ve sent, we can choose a different person for you. We’re very aware of the importance of choosing someone that suits you and your requirements, therefore please be open with us, if you have any concerns or feedback on the meeting you had with our cleaner, as they will be your regular cleaner.

All the feedback we get goes into our rating system to ensure that our cleaners are recognised for their great services or help them to improve their standards.

Please never approach the cleaner by asking them to work privately outside Maid Brigade Family. Apart from being a breach of your contract with us, it can lead to cleaners losing their contract with MaidBrigadeUK, and of course they will no longer be insured.

Our Cleaners

Our cleaners are the face of our business that why it is particularly important to have the right people representing us. All our cleaners are security cleared and trained at Maid Brigade UK. We don’t believe in agency workers that’s why all our staff are employed as PAYE workers who are entitled to holiday/sick pay. We may send a different cleaner on the odd occasion to compensate for holiday cover.

The process starts with the cleaner applying to join our family. If they are a good candidate for the role, we then move them to next step where we have a face-to-face interview to meet and start to know them better.  As well as high cleaning standards, we’re also looking for honesty, reliability, and the ability to work on their own.

If they are the right person, we complete the process by checking identity and address details, right to work, taking photographs and references and last but not least we will do a DBS check on all our cleaners. Less than 1 out of 10 cleaners who apply to us are accepted.

If at any time you’re not happy with the standard of work, please contact us and we will fix it.


Materials and Equipment

Our cleaners will come fully equipped with our own eco-friendly products and equipment. This way you don’t need to worry about anything. We understand that this may increase the price of our services, however we strive to provide the best services for the best prices.

Our cleaners will not use any of your products. Also, our cleaners cannot use bleach, it can be a dangerous product which can cause damage if misused. Our insurance will not cover damage caused by bleach.


If you are out whilst we are cleaning our home, you may need to consider giving your cleaner a key to your house so that they can work whilst you are out.

You won’t need to worry about this as we are covered by key holder insurance. However, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a key with your cleaner, we recommend you to fit a security box outside the property to hold the keys.


We are a cashless business; all invoices will be e-mailed directly to you for payment. You can pay by debit, credit & apple/google pay to clear your invoice. We will never take payment without your approval.

To be entitled to a weekly/fortnightly discount, you will be asked to sign up to our direct debit scheme via GOCARDLESS. You will still be invoiced per job & payment will not come out of your account until we have completed a job or gained your approval.

Please note our cleaners will not accept cash from you for the job. If there is a reason why you have given cash to our cleaner, this will be considered as a goodwill donation and will not cover your cleaning invoice.

Unpaid invoices are treated seriously, you must clear your invoice on the due date suggested on your invoice. You will be reminded if you have missed a payment, if after 14 days you have still not paid, we can seek legal action against you. If there is an issue with your service, please contact the team to discuss; we have a 48-hour re-clean guarantee for all services. Any claims past this period will not be considered.


We require 48 hours’ notice to change or cancel your scheduled service, if you fail to notify us during this period you will still be charged & will not be entitled to a refund.


You as the client are responsible in providing safe & secure parking for our cleaners with a close proximity of your property due to the equipment/product we carry. If free parking is not available, you as the client must provide a parking permit or cover the cost of parking.
Any parking charges/fines will be passed onto you the client.


Our aim is to offer you the best experience using our services and cleaners.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call (02081768999) or email ( us – we welcome all feedback.